Saturday, July 11, 2015

Kay's First Quilts

Lorri posted a picture of her first quilt so I thought I would post some of my first quilts.  This is not my first quilt but it is my first quilt not from a kit.   My first quilt was a quilt from a kit where you embroidered flowers with simple X's.  It has orange and yellow flowers with yellow borders.  I made it when I was in high school so it would have been made probably in 1975.  This one was made in the late 80's.  The  stars  are called Ohio Stars.  It is not made very well and I thought the quilt top had disappeared.  I was hoping that it was lost forever.   Well my Mother found it in the bottom of a  closet recently and decided to have it quilted.  It is very big (85 x 85) and the stars don't line up and the navy blues don't match.  Notice it does not have any binding.  That is because it is so big and made so bad that I don't want to finish it.  I should finish  it  though because even though it looks bad it could still keep someone warm. 

This quilt is also made in the late 80's.  I made it to cover a leaky window to try to keep some of the drafts out.  I made it from scraps of fabrics from clothes  I made and some fabric I had bought on the sale table.  Notice how the sun degraded the fabrics.  It is tied and the binding is turned over from the back.  I would like to recreate this someone day because I have always liked it.  Here is another of it with some of my flowers.  First quilts are always fun because you can see how much you have improved over the years.  I hope you like this bit of my quilt history!

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  1. I love the way it looks up against the flowers, blowing in the wind!